Healing the Soul of a Woman - 8

by Charlene Moore on March 16, 2019

Chapter 8

THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!! Paraphrased from John 8:44

Guilt and shame can only be released from me when I realized God loves me in spite of my badies.  I believe God has forgiven me of it all because I asked - but I must forgive myself! Only then will guilt and shame not control me and my future.

Imagine for a minute that a dearly loved person keeps coming to you asking you to please forgive her of what she did.  She speaks lowly of herself when talking about it. But you, for the life of you, can't remember what she is referring to.  That's how God feels when we come to Him time after time asking Him to forgive us or keep reminding Him of what you did and He can't remember what you are talking about.  Only Satan will remind you of your wrong doing; your past...Psalm 103:2.

You must forgive yourself and to do that you keep speaking the Word, these two above scriptures until you believe them yourself and have begin to love yourself the way God does!


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