Healing the Soul of a Woman - 7

by Charlene Moore on March 07, 2019


Let it go! For those of us that need to forgive - what Joyce says here is tough to fathom.  It is true that if you tether yourself to your pain the pain and all the feelings with it keep you captive.  You become/create/allow the person that hurt you to continue to hurt you; a mom that never showed love and spoke harsh words; the person who raped you; the spouse that chooses porn over you or had an affair; the father or mother that molested or allowed it; or someone that offended you with political speak...the list goes on with pain.

These are horrific things that can happen to people - it may have happened to you.  But are you ready to be free of it?  Are you ready to let go?  then you must forgive the one who did it!  Easier said than done?
       I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13.
Memorize that scripture!  Commit to speaking it out loud when forgiving the offender comes impossible...painful.

Jesus forgave those that would murder Him!  There will be pain in letting go.  There will be thought processes - ruts in your mind - you'll need to correct. (This is done by quoting the Word! Simple!) But allow the Holy Spirit to help and heal those painful areas.  So you can live a life looking forward to the future and not controlled by your past!


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