Healing the Soul of a Woman - 3

by Charlene Moore on January 30, 2019

Chapter 3

Joyce hits it hard in the beginning of this chapter by saying "the true problem lies not in being wounded but in whether or not we are willing to be healed." She's saying that by choosing to not forgive; choosing to hold on to the pain; choosing to allow your mind to keep you constantly thinking as the victim that you are the problem.  That's harsh!  But as we discussed last week, it is a choice.  As hard as that is to swallow...it is our choice to live ours lives by not forgiving and continue the pain.

For us to be able to use our pain and hurt as healing for others, we MUST allow the Holy Spirit to heal us. We have to allow our wounds to be used for good.  We have to focus on freedom; not the failure or fault.
One thing I disagree with in this chapter is that I need the experience of what a person is going through to be able to help them.  Jesus suffered relationships; not sexual abuse or other such horrific pains. Yet, He, through divine wisdom spoke directly to the heart of the matter to set the person free!  We have that same divine wisdom through the Holy Spirit to be able to speak to the heart of a matter to set a person free.  But with the experience of the pain, you are able to empathize even without the divine wisdom.  Basically, God can use you either way!

This past Sunday I gave you three questions.  One was what areas do you need healing in?  I hope you thought through this...so you can now answer the question, "are you willing to be healed?"


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