Healing the Soul of a Woman - 10

by Charlene Moore on March 28, 2019

Don't park at the point of your pain!
Philippians 3:12-13 talks about missing the mark of perfection, but letting go and continuing forward.  This is written by Paul who endured many hardships.  But he let go and continued in the present and future...not living in the pain of his past.

If you stop at the point of your pain - where you continue to relive it over and over - you will die there.  Your life will continue on, but it will be fruitless and unfulfilling.  If you feel it is too hard to walk forward, remember you are not alone.  All things are possible with God! 

Remember Ruth in the Bible?  She lost everything but refused to give up - and ended up in the lineage of Jesus!

You CAN do this!  You CAN let go of what is binding you up!  You make a choice today that you will no longer live in the past!  God is your now and future!


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