Healing the Soul of a Woman - 1 & 2

by Charlene Moore on January 11, 2019

Chapter 1 

Your value as a woman – God had given women a diverse makeup that enables us to carry out multiple functions well.  Genesis 1:26 states “let THEM rule”.  We have specific attributes, as well has men have specific attributes, to rule in His Kingdom.

Attitude adjustment.  This is how I fight my battles – by letting God do it! Give thanks to Him for those things you want to see changed.  This is faith in action.  You are giving thanks even thought you don’t see it, because you know that you WILL see it!

Chapter 2

You will go after, seek diligently, what you really want.  So make a choice right now that you want the good life, in Christ!  Otherwise, you will go through this book feeling frustrated because you aren’t being set free.  You must make a choice that today, right now, you are willing to let go and change your mindset; that you are willing to be offended and not react; that you are willing to be hurt and forgive; that you are willing to let go of guilt and shame and forgive yourself; that you are willing to let go of the pain of the past and let God heal you.  But know that He will take the pain from you, however challenging to you it is, and fill it with abundant life…are you ready?

 Some love to read; others do not.  Yet each on of us will find it a challenge to read and apply the Word.   But if we are to get a new mindset and live an abundant life, it is imperative that the Word is the first we go to when our minds/souls are troubled.  The more time you spend with something/someone, the more you become close and best friends.  We spend a lot of time in our minds entertaining the pain, hurt, offense and other negative thoughts.  Become best friends with the Word (Jesus)!


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