1 Kings 11-15

by Ron Moore on March 27, 2019

1 Kings 11- Solomon’s Heart Turns from the Lord
  • 1- Solomon has a woman problem..just like his dad.

  • 2- With ALL his wisdom he refused to obey God’s clear command regarding marriage.

  • 3- 1,000 lovers. Wow! Puts our times to shame.

  • 4- He didn’t repent of his ways like David had done

  • 5-8- Solomon continues to turn FROM God

  • 5-7- Ashtoreth was the goddess of fertility and involved both sexual acts of worship and of astrology. The worship of Milcom or Molech included human sacrifice…especially children! Worship of Chemosh was also cruel and centered on astrology as well.

  • 9- Twice- Both times are recorded. God doesn’t have to KEEP appearing to us. We just need to walk out our first given assignment

  • 10-13- God is now giving Solomon a NEW message. Judgement is coming but it will be measured.

  • 14-25- Solomon is now attacked from without and within.

  • 26-28-Jeroboam will lead a revolt of 10 tribes against Solomon’s successor, Rehoboam. Jeroboam will become the first king of the northern tribes known as Israel (ch 12)

  • 29-39- Ahijah demonstrates how this kingdom breakup will look. Notice how God is always warning and defining things ahead of time. Nothing left to the imagination and He is always putting things back in order. Sometimes through serious judgement.

  • 34- CHOSE- to select...determine to have….God chose Abraham to pioneer….Moses to instruct….Israel to bring salvation...David to rule….Believers before the world began (Eph 1:4)

  • 36- God honors His Word beyond the span of a lifetime. Interesting.

  • 40- The man full of divine wisdom is now acting in FEAR against the WILL of God. He is trying to murder the next king.

  • 42- Another 40 year kingship….time of testing and trial.

 1 Kings 12- Revolt against Rehoboam
  • 1-7- King Rehoboam has been raised in the later days of Solomon. Where wickedness rules and things are out of order. This is his world. The elders remember the way things were. How good God had been when Solomon was righteous. They encourage Rehoboam to act in that manner to restore the nation.

  • 8-14- He listens to the millennials OF HIS DAY and continues the ways of the evil Solomon. GOD IS WORKING WITH THE HEART OF REHOBOAM...NOT FORCING SOMETHING. LIKE PHAROAH.

  • 15- God had PREDICTED this day….not MADE it happen.

  • 16-20- Revolution as Rehoboam is ousted and Jeroboam takes over as king. Only Judah stays with Rehoboam and the house of David.

  • 20- From now on the kingdom remains divided until the downfall of Israel in 722 B.C.

  • 21-25- Rehoboam plans to take his nation back. God tells him to leave it alone. He obeys and backs off. Would you have listened to God or tried to take back what had been yours?

  • 26-33- Instead of trusting God to His word that Jeroboam would safely remain king of Israel. He rebels and in FEAR steals the worship centers and Holy celebrations and turns them into PAGAN worship centers. He uses nearly every demonic symbol he can find to create a new culture of worship in Israel that will keep the people entertained and himself on the throne. HE MADE A COUNTERFEIT OF ALL THAT GOD HAD BLESSED ISRAEL WITH...AND TOOK CREDIT FOR GOD’S GLORY!

 1 Kings 13- Message of the man of God
  • 1-2- Incredible prophecy predicting what would happen 300 years later…..EXACTLY as they would occur.

  • 4- The hand represents authority (Mark of the beast is on the right hand) so when God withered his hand God was REVEALING His supreme authority over the king.

  • 5- The actions here confirm what the prophet just declared in verse 3.

  • 6-10- The king wants this guy on his team but the prophet makes it clear he is having no part of this kingdom. He just came to give a word. And now he is obeying God’s instructions.

  • 11-22- So….the man of God does well until he LISTENS to the voices of MEN rather than of God. He had clear instructions laid out BUT violates them.

  • 23- 27- Whatever else is going on here...the prophet has opened the door to destruction in his life is for sure. WHEN WE DON’T LISTEN TO GOD WE PUT OURSELVES IN HARMS WAY.

  • 28- Crazy stuff here. The lion stood waiting until someone came for the body!

  • 29-32- The old prophet realizes the man of God was right in all of his words BUT had disobeyed God’s precise instructions to NOT stay in that land. A WORD FROM GOD ALWAYS TRUMPS A WORD FROM MAN. NO MATTER HOW SINCERE. ALSO YOU WILL BE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE TO OBEDIENCE….NOT OTHERS.

  • 33-34- Things only got worse to the point that God would be RIGHTEOUS in destroying Jeroboam and his house.

1 Kings 14- Judgement on the house of Jeroboam
  • 1-13- When sickness comes people often turn to God. Also, don’t try and trick God or His ministers. It should be impossible even without natural eyes to be deceived. God will now cut off his MALE seed from going forward. This child will at least get an honorable funeral. HOW SAD THAT THE BEST THING GOING FOR THIS FAMILY WILL BE A KINGLY FUNERAL FOR THE ONE SON!

  • 14- Predicts the actions of Baasha against Nadab in the next chapter

  • 15- Word points toward the captivity of Israel by Assyria in 722 B.C.

  • 22- Jeroboam reigns for 22 years...not the typical 40 of the first three kings of Israel.

  • 21- Rehoboam reigns for just 17 years in the southern tribe of Judah

  • 22-25- It gets so bad in  BOTH kingdoms that even Egypt invades Israel….

  • 26- And plunders their wealth!! The very Egypt they had plundered centuries earlier returns the favor.

  • Shishak’s main goal here was to gain control of the major trade routes from Arabia and Damascus. Economics played and still does play a big part of invasions.

  • 31- Abijam becomes king of Judah

 1 Kings 15- Abijam Reigns in Judah
  • 1-8- Abijam rides on blessings and promises of three generations ago...much like we do today. God is keeping His word to David. God is ALWAYS ready to bless with favor.

  • 9- Asa becomes king

  • 10-24- Asa is the 3rd king of Judah and does what is RIGHT with God. He is the 1st of only 8 good kings. He sets out to reform Judah and his HEART was loyal to God (vs 12).

  • Instead of TOTAL trust in God he bribed others to help him win and in doing so gave up further the wealth of Judah.


  • Nadab was the second king in Israel, but after two years he was assassinated by Baasha in fulfillment of Ahijah’s prophecy (14:14). This ended Jeroboam’s dynasty. However, as the third king of Israel, Baasha was just as sinful as his two predecessors.

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