Nehemiah 3-7:2022

by Ron Moore on April 28, 2022

Nehemiah 3- Rebuilding the Wall
  • 1-32- This chapter reveals a remarkable display of unity even with the reconstruction challenges. About 40 groups were working together where on the eastern and southern sides of the city whole new walls had to be built. Archeologists have found that the walls were about 8 feet thick. The success of this rebuilding points to the leadership and organization of Nehemiah. It also FORESHADOWS UNITY of purpose and work that is to characterize the church. (Phil 1:27-28)
  • 5- There was resistance to Nehemiah’s leadership
  • 12- Women were involved in the repairs even mention that was rare for the times
  • 13-32- The work details are impressive here indicating God wanted a record of the work and workers for future testament
Nehemiah 4- The Wall Defended Against the Enemies
  • 1-5- Ridicules power is based on peer pressure...but it didn’t work on Nehemiah since his focus was on God.
  • 4-5- Have a sound like Psalm 109...calling for judgment on God’s enemies
  • 6- Right action and attitude are required to make the project work. WHEN THE CHURCH BECOMES LIKE THIS WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.
  • 7-9- The enemy will always threaten...we must stand in faith and continue our DESTINY
  • 10-23- The enemy will try and take out those getting exhausted ...that same action will only strengthen the resolve of those ready to move forward
  • 14- Powerful- remember the Lord your God…..Great and Awesome!
  • 20- God will always fight for us…
  • 21-22- ...but we have our responsibility as well
Nehemiah 5- Nehemiah deals with Oppression
  • 1-13- An economic crisis had struck before Nehemiah’s arrival. A famine, along with the need to pay taxes, had forced many families into insolvency. Nehemiah’s presence emboldened the dispossessed to cry out for justice. The poor had found a champion for their cause. An exceedingly angry Nehemiah set about to right these wrongs, resulting in the reform of audit policies and the redressing of past excesses. (New Spirit Life Filled Bible)
  • 14-19- Nehemiah is a man who leads by example. Self-sacrifice is necessary for moral leadership, as Nehemiah shows. Previous governors had lived richly at the taxpayers expense, but Nehemiah refused to do so. He believed strongly in retribution for evil, as his prayer here and elsewhere indicators. 
Nehemiah 6- Conspiracy against Nehemiah
  • 1-14- Opposition arises again. The plain of Ono is 25 miles northwest of Jerusalem. Nehemiah detected a plot on the part of Sanballat and Geshem and wisely refused their offer. Four times Nehemiah was too busy to come. Finally, the opponents saw the strategy. In a fifth letter they charged Nehemiah with planning treason against the king. The invitation of Shemaiah the priest to accept sanctuary in the temple was not an alternative for Nehemiah for 2 reasons: Since he was not a priest, he could not with impurity enter the Holy Place, and God revealed to him that this was a plot on his life. (from the Spirit Filled Life Bible)
  • 15-19- Differences exist as to whether the ‘completion’ of the wall refers to the construction and hanging of the gates or to the whole of the repairs and construction. In either case, completion was on October 2, 52 days after the project started. Archeologists are greatly impressed by the size and design of this wall. Even after the enemies recognized that God was vitally involved in the process. Tobiah and his son had married Jerusalem women , it seems from prominent families. Their relatives provided a spy service against Nehemiah within the city. 
Nehemiah 7
  • 2- Nehemiah appoints his brother Hanani as governor of Jerusalem. Hananiah was made head of the fortress area. Military responsibilities were included along with civic duties. For security purposes, 10 percent of the Jews were brought from the outlying areas to reside in the city. Nehemiah’s authority was obviously absolute, except for the king’s since resettlement of this many people could not be accomplished by a minor official. 
  • 73- The cities are now set in order and ready for occupation. 


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