Genesis 31-35: 2022

by Ron Moore on January 11, 2022

Genesis 31- Jacob and Laban
1-2- When things are shifting
3- Listen to God for instructions
4-9- Shares details with his talks make things work better
13- Bethel- where Jacob met God first...where he got a God promise...we all need this
14- Taking action on the word
22-42- Laban pursues
22- Third day…..three is significant in scripture...represents completion
39- The law required the shepherd bear ALL loss to the flock. Jacob had done right by Laban but had a WORD from God on how to INCREASE his WEALTH.
43-55- Made peace- Jacob should have trusted God instead dealt with needless communication is always better. DO YOU LIVE IN FEAR OF THINGS THAT ARE NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN??
Genesis 32- Esau comes to meet Jacob
1- Angelic visitation
2- Ministered to Jacob like they do Jesus in Matt 4
3-11- First Laban, now Esau- Jacob pressured again
12- Reminds God of his destiny...this is a part of how you pray
13-21- Scheming again for victory ...need to stop this
22-32- Jacob wrestles with God
27- Jacob means deceiver
28- God renames (like Abraham and Sarah) him Israel or Prince with God! Talk about a change of ID.
29- Again God blesses Jacob ...confirming His promise and His goodness
30- Peniel means Face of God ...Jacob had seen God face to face and would never be the same….
31- Jacob's wrestling with God resulted in an odd injury that is recognized to this day in Israel. To see God face to face is a struggle against our flesh to anticipate something supernatural. It worked for Jacob...Israel is a nation of power to this day!
Genesis 33- Jacob meets Esau
3- Seven times bowing represents complete submission...not scheming here but respecting
4- Similar to the prodigal father Esau shows total grace to his brother Jacob
10- Jacob responds...NOTE his name is now Israel. A name he has to grow into.
11- He took the gifts...sealed the reconciliation.
17- Jacob doubled back to cover himself...still not quite done scheming.
18-20- Comes to Canaan. El Elohe Israel ...God of Israel. He’s starting to get it!

Genesis 34- The Dinah Incident

2- The first instance of rape or similar incident in Israel kept a pure bloodline and this violated that practice
3- 22- What obsessive behavior can lead to
23- Deception on the part of the Hivites to partake in the covenant blessings of Israel (still called Jacob)
25- Again the number 3 being used ...completeness and perfection
25-29- Sons of Israel get revenge
30-32- Swift revenge that results in Simeon and Levi being cost their father’s blessing (Genesis 49:5-7)
Genesis 35- Jacob returns to Bethel
1-4- Purging of images and ideas that would conflict with the one true God...God the Kingdom...sadly Jacob hid the gods they turned in under a tree...clinging to idols!
5- By now no one wanted to tangle with some point the devil will be that fearful of us...God’s people.
6-7- Jacob ends up back at Bethel where he first met God and had his dream. He wasn’t much then but now he’s a prince. God is still the same. He is RETURNING TO THE HOUSE OF GOD.
9- God AGAIN blesses him.
10- God AGAIN confirms the name change to ISRAEL….2 confirms a thing to be true
11- 12- God AGAIN restates the BLESSINGS of Genesis 1:28 over Israel...and adds more details to it!
13-15- Jacob confirms the encounter’s significance by building an altar there and calling it Bethel ...the house of God.
16-22- Death of Rachel
22- Reuben cheats with Jacob's concubine...even where God’s promises are growing evil carnal acts are still on display
23-26- Jacobs 12 sons
27-29- Isaac dies
29- Old and full of days ...lived out his destiny


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