Numbers 9:2021

by Ron Moore on April 29, 2021

Numbers 9- The Second Passover

1-14- This section deals with the Passover in its FIRST commemoration or anniversary of the one back in Egypt. The concern of the instructions is to enable everyone to participate in the celebration. 

2- Appointed Time- fixed time...appointment...feast...assembly. The first use of this word is in Genesis 1:14 where the sun, moon and stars are created to serve for seasons and for signs. The entire plan of redemption is revealed in the progression of the 7 mileposts which unfold yearly in the Hebrew calendar. 

10-11- Allowed the Passover to be celebrated up to a month later to accommodate extenuating circumstances. 

15-23- The cloud by day and fire by night CONTINUES to lead Israel at this time. Note- the nation would NOT move if God didn’t move. We need to be the same way, not move without God’s guidance and instruction to do so.


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