Numbers 8:2021

by Ron Moore on April 28, 2021

Numbers 8- Arrangement of the Lamps

1-4- Moses has access to the Ark to hear God’s voice...Aaron to the anteroom where the table and lampstand are...except on the Day of Atonement

5-22- Beginning of the Levitical service Moses and Aaron have assistance

6-7- Separation from what is unclean in shaving

10-11- Laying on of hands signifies an identification of the ones making the offering with the sacrifice. It also positions a person for a ministry duty.

19- Making atonement...Levites did this by standing in for Israel as the firstborn. They represented the WHOLE.

23-26- Interesting note- the age of service changed from 30 earlier to 25 here. No reason given but it’s likely they need more to be in service. Another option is that the five years from 25-30 is a training period.


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