Numbers 10:2021

by Ron Moore on April 30, 2021

Numbers 10- Two Trumpets

1-10- The trumpets at the center of camp would be a call to the land where they would live, they would serve two purposes- to call up the military and to call a time of worship. Interesting that the same sound (different blow) called for war and for worship...they are the same at times!

5-8- Only the east and south camps are mentioned because they LED the entire camp at the direction of the Lord.

11-36- The departure from Sinai was told 3 times for 3 stages ...a summary statement ...detailed order of the march…..a statement of the general pattern for breaking camp

12- Settled down- dwell, remain, stay…..its from this Judaic word (shachan) that we get our word SHEKINAH or ‘abiding presence of God’...some call this the glory cloud. It is never used in scripture but rather Judaic writings. 

14- JUDAH- PRAISE always leads the way on every journey or SETTING OUT. 

29-33- Moses' brother in law had been helping them as a scout or such and was preparing to return to his home. Moses asks him to continue on as a scout/mapping man AND that he will join in on the inheritance as well. Obviously God was guiding Israel through the wilderness but the assistance of Reuel was helping them with details of where they set up camp. This short dialogue shows the importance of man's contribution to God’s plan!

33-36- The ark was also an instrument of war.


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