Number 7:2021

by Ron Moore on April 27, 2021

Numbers 7- Offerings of the Leaders

The newly appointed leaders respond to their appointment with offerings for the newly dedicated tabernacle. The offering was two parts, one for the work of the tabernacle of meeting given at one time and one for the altar given in a 12 day ceremony. 

1- The chronology here alludes to the completion of the tabernacle and the consecration of the tabernacle and altar. 

2- 9- The offering for the tabernacle provided the means for carrying the tabernacle on the journey. 

10-88- The leaders are those appointed by Moses in chapters 1 and 2 and they all bring identical gifts. The GENEROSITY of the offering is STRESSED through the repetitions of vs 12-83…..this stands as an EXAMPLE for future generations.

13- A shekel weighed about 15 grams. 

89- Describes the means by which YAHWEH communicated with Moses in fulfillment of HIS PROMISE in Exodus 25:21-22 ...with this note the tabernacle is fully operational.


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