Testimony - Evelyn Sullivan

by Evelyn Sullivan on April 13, 2019

I am truly grateful for the teaching and example of the leadership at the Intersection.  I have been serving Him since February 17, 1980 - but I have realized over the last 3 and half years that I did not know Him and His Word as I should.  I have been challenged to read His Word DAILY and risen to that challenge. 
I freely admit that I still have "issues/questions"  that are not completely resolved in my head, heart and spirit ...but whenever I approach Pastor Ron or other leaders with my concerns, I am treated with the utmost love and respect and they never make me feel condemned. I know I am prayed for regularly and believe that any changes that have happened (and will in the future!) are a result of those prayers.  It has changed my life and every ministry I am involved with.  I anticipate more amazing changes - to His Glory! 

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