Basics of Prayer

“Nothing of eternal importance ever happens apart from prayer.”  Jerry Falwell

Prayer.  We all know about it, we try to practice it, and we struggle with it at times.  It is fundamental to the kingdom of God because prayer is one of the main avenues through which the Kingdom of God invades Earth.  Yet, prayerlessness is one of the great problems in the church today especially in America.  Answers to prayer are rare instead of the norm.

We have prepared a short online course called “The Basics Of Prayer”.  Over the next couple of weeks we want to share some thoughts with you regarding prayer, what it is and what isn’t, some fundamental truths about it, and some practical suggestions about having an effective prayer life.  Here is how it works.  Simply fill out the form below.  You will receive a short email every day for the next 13 days that will provide you with some basics on prayer.  We trust that you will be blessed and that your prayer life will take a step forward as a result of this short course on prayer.

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