Other Ministry Teams


This team is available each week after service to minister to guests who may need encouragement or agreement in prayer. They will also pray before service to help facilitate an atmosphere conducive to our weekly worship services. These team members receive requests during the week as needs arise. This team is led by Pastor Ron Moore. We welcome everyone to submit prayer requests at any time using our form in the Contact Us section of the website.

Praise and Worship

This team ministers each week during the Sunday morning service by leading the congregation in praise and worship. This team is led by Pastor Ron Moore.


These team members are the heart and soul of our Sunday morning ministry. They are responsible for providing a warm and hospitable environment before and after service, including the provision of a complimentary continental breakfast. They also manage and cater special church events. They may also assist in coordinating outreaches to families with new babies or ill family members. The team is led by Norm and Pat Bureau.


This team focuses on all technological aspects of the ministry including set up and tear down for Sunday services, sound support during Sunday morning services, church website maintenance, tech support for other church teams, sound support for special events and any other needs that are related to technology. This team is lead by Nate Dwyer.


As needs arise and in accordance with guidelines in Acts, the church may provide financial or material assistance, or benevolence, to members of our church family or the community who may be in need. The purpose of the Benevolence Ministry is to provide financial aid to an individual who is in need on an urgent basis. Benevolence is defined as an act of kindness, charitableness, good will, generosity or expressions of Christian love intended to address the needs of the poor and distressed. It is specifically intended to address “life-threatening” or “life-hindering” situations. We have a fund in place to allow us to meet needs as they arise and as we are able. The Advisory Board oversees this fund and reviews requests for assistance.